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The YMCA believes that an on-the-job experience will benefit the student, the community, and the YMCA.  An internship is a short-term work experience emphasizing hands-on learning.  It incorporates education and professional development.  It is designed to guide a student toward a professional career in a particular organization, field or sector.  An internship provides an opportunity to assess, develop and enhance many of the key competencies needed in the professional workplace.

The Internship Program is designed to provide interns with opportunities to put educational and academic theory into practice.  We offer a variety of internship opportunities along with flexibility to give even the busiest student a chance to gain valuable professional experience.

  • Put classroom learning into practice
  • Experience the rewards and rigors of an entry-level position
  • Test career choices
  • Enhance your resume with professional level employment experiences
  • Obtain employment references

Students who are interviewed and selected for an internship placement at the YMCA may be expected to accomplish specific tasks during their internships; these tasks are their primary responsibility.  Because each college internship program is different, the student’s program will be dealt with on an individual basis. *INTERNSHIPS OFFERED BY THE YMCA ARE UNPAID.



Please submit: resume, number of internship hours needed, major or area of study, & availability for internship.

Submit an application to:   709 First Ave. SW Rochester, MN 55902 or email Department Director






 Marketing Intern Communications  20-40  Flexible
 Development Intern Development  20-40  Flexible
 Summer 2014 Marketing Intern Development  10-40  Flexible
 Summer 2014 Aquatics Intern Aquatics  10-40  Flexible
 Social Services  Y Mentors  20-40  Flexible 8am-7pm M-F
 Development/Fundraising  Y Mentors  10-40  Flexible 8am-7pm M-F
 Marketing/Advertising  Y Mentors  10-40  Flexible 8am-7pm M-F
 Human Resources: Volunteers & Clients  Y Mentors  10-40  Flexible 8am-7pm M-F