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Connect with the Y on your mobile device!  Get notifications, look at schedules for group fitness classes, register for classes & more!

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for building closures, class or program cancellations


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FAQ on the Y's Mobile App

How do I opt-in to receive notifications? 
There are two ways to opt-in to get important association wide updates (emergency facility closings as well as upcoming holiday closings, changes in facility hours and facility closings due scheduled maintenance):

Upon initial download: Say "OK" to Push Notifications when you first open your app after downloading.

After initial download: If you didn’t initially opt-in when you first downloaded our app, you’ll need to go to your device settings to opt-in first. 

What notifications should I set up?  The Y uses the following notifications to inform our members and guests of closings and cancellations.  To ensure that you receive information that is important to you, please allow and turn on notifications for these areas.  

  • General:  facility closings due to severe weather, facility closings in the building due to maintenance and repairs that exceed more than 30 minutes
  • Programs:  Any program that an individual registers for at the Y.  This includes all but is not limited to the following: Summer Camp, Adventure Day Camp, Y Tots Preschool, Youth Swim Lessons, Lifeguarding and CPR classes, Adult Classes & Sports, Youth Sports, Afterschool Academic Enrichment, Y Mentors
  • Schedules: Any group fitness class cancellation or change in the pool schedules (Water Park & Current Channel and the Lap Pool.  The Y has 2 different pools which have two different schedules).

When can I update my app? 
The initial update was made available on December 22nd, 2016. We are constantly improving to meet your needs, so updated features and improvements will continue to be released.

What if I choose not to update my app? 
The previous app version (downloaded prior to December 22nd, 2016) will no longer be supported after December 26th, 2016.

How do I update my app? 
If you have your device set for automatic updates, you won't need to do anything, it will update to the new and improved version for you! If you do not have your device set up for automatic updates, you'll need to update your app manually:  

iPhone: Open the iTunes App Store, tap the Updates icon at the bottom of the screen, find the Rochester Area YMCA app and touch Update. 

Android: Open the Google Play Store, choose My Apps under the menu, find the Rochester Area YMCA app and touch Update.

How do I add my Member Card (update my barcode number)? 
Choose the Cards icon on the main menu bar. Click Add New Card and enter the Member Name and Barcode Number; press Save. If your app updated automatically or you did not note your barcode, our friendly Welcome Center staff can assist you.

Can I add more than one Member Card? 
Yes! Choose the Cards icon on the main menu bar. Click Add New Card and enter the Member Name and Barcode Number; press Save. Repeat to add additional members.

How do I manage Member Cards? 
To select a card/member, tap the top of the card. After selecting the card, there is a sprocket in the right corner to edit or remove. When adding more than one card, you can set which member card you’d like to appear first upon selecting Member Cards to scan in. Set this under Preferences > Default Member Card.

How do I view and register for Programs on the app? 

Select the Programs icon on the main menu bar > select category > select class > view details (there is a register button here). When Register is selected, it sends the user to a web browser to log in and register for that class; future plans include this functionality within the app.              

How do I view the app Tutorial Steps? 
Choose the More icon on the main menu bar and select Preferences. Select Show Tutorial Steps and select Next or Skip to navigate through the screens.

How will schedules change on the website? 
Our website schedules will now mirror the design and functionality of the mobile app. View online schedules.

Still have a questions this page didn’t answer or want help in downloading and navigating the app? Ask our friendly Welcome Center staff or email us utilizing the contact email on the app!