A Few Easy Tips for Healthy Snacks 

by Jessica Williams, mom to 3 busy kids in Rochester

 Mornings with little ones rushing off to camp are busy times for families!   Minutes are consumed spent getting swim suits  and towels thrown in a bag, bug spray checked off the list, sunscreen applied and extra clothing added just in case the camp activity is a messy one that day.  Let’s be real for a moment, parents, and just admit that snacks and lunch are    typically the last items that we have time to focus on in the rush of a morning. 

 Nutritious and healthy lunches should be a priority for our little ones because their future depends on steps we take with  them today.  Spending a few extra moments with your child and helping them prepare their snacks and lunches will help  them establish habits towards a healthier future. 

 Here are a few tips that I use with my kids all year long:  

  • Develop a snack drawer.  This drawer is located in the kitchen in an area my little ones can reach and it is full of items that I know are healthy and options my kids will enjoy.  As we are running late or need to grab something quickly, the kids know that this is their go-to place for snacks.  A few ideas for this drawer include:  yogurt raisins, trail mix, applesauce, fruit cups in water, almonds or granola bars.
  • Frozen yogurt.  Yogurt is a tasty, summer treat for those hot days…and even yummier if we throw them in the freezer!  A favorite for my kids are Simply GoGurt.  These are easy to eat and even stay cold all morning long in a lunchbox.
  • Fruity water.  Water is an essential part of summer and our bodies thirst for this drink.  Put a few berries, a slice of an orange or lemon in a pitcher or water bottle and enjoy some fruit infused water. 
  • Fruit – ready to eat.  Have a basket of fruit on a counter or table and fill it with bananas, clementines, apples or oranges.  Kids know that this basket is open to all…all day long to grab a quick bite to eat when they are hungry.
  • Snack Bag Special.  Portion control is something to pay attention to with snacks and meals.  We now have a variety of bag sizes available to package up our foods.  Grab a box of snack bags, find some raisins, nuts and crackers and make your own trail mix!  The variety of what you can make is endless and really just requires a few minutes of you and your child working together to make some healthy snack bag specials.