Fitness Center Information

Our Fitness Center is open to Y members guests.  Day passes are available for those in our community to use the Y facility.

Fitness Center Rules

Please be honest

  •          The Fitness Center is for ages 13 and up only
  •          Ages/Ids will be checked when necessary.    Exceptions need to be approved by the Fitness Center Coordinator or Manager on Duty

Please be respectful

  •          Clean the equipment/mats after each use
  •          Return weights, bars & accessories to their proper area after each use      
  •          Adhere to our dress code: No Jeans, No open toed shoes, bare feet, flip-flops or bare midriffs
  •          Please wear modest shorts (thigh length) most athletic wear is acceptable as long as it is not full length spandex or shirts that show sides of or all of the chest/back.
  •          Please use cell phones outside the Fitness Center.  If you are expecting an important call please tell the person to hold as you walk out to the hallway to finish your call.
  •          Allow others to ‘work in’ between your sets.  Rest periods should be taken off the equipment so others can use it.

Please be responsible

  •         No glass, tobacco, food or open beverage containers
  •         There is a 30 minute Limit on all Cardio equipment. Please sign in on the associated clip board so others know when they can use the piece you are on. 

Please be Caring

  •          Place your towel in the hamper by the door or desk.
  •          Use machines/equipment only for their intended use
  •          Please utilize the staff for spotting
  •          Profane or abusive language is NOT allowed
  •          Participation in the weight room will be at staff’s discretion 
Please notify the staff of any safety concerns.