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Summer II 

The pool will be closed for our yearly cleaning from Sunday, August 31st-Saturday, September 6th. The pool will be open for swim lessons only on Sunday, September 7th.  Thank you!




  • 3 feet deep
  • Approximately 100 degrees

  • 0-3.5 feet deep
  • Approximately 86 degrees

  • 3-10 feet deep
  • Approximately 83 degrees
  • 5 Lanes/ 25 Yards Long
  • 72 lengths (36 Laps)= 1 mile


Males: Swim trunks or Speedo-type briefs only. NO cut-offs, shorts with zippers, or bicycle shorts. NO exposed underwear or street clothes.

Females: Swimsuits must be worn in the pool at all times. Tight fitting cotton or lycra (spandex) shirts, shorts or pant may be worn over a swim suit as needed. NO exposed underwear, bras (including sports bras) or street clothes.

CHILDREN and INFANTS: Infants must wear swimsuit bottoms with a swim diaper. NO diapers or underwear are allowed. Rubber pants over swimsuit bottoms are recommended. Children who are not potty trained are required to wear swim diapers with plastic pants over the diaper. These pants must have elastic around the waist and legs.


For the Lap Pool and Water Park areas:

  • Lifeguards are on duty for your safety, please obey their requests.
  • Children ages 0-6 years old must have an adult in the water within an arm’s reach of the child
  • Children ages 7-9 years old must have an adult in the pool area.
  • Children ages 10 years and older may use the pool facility unattended.
  • Please shower before entering either pool.
  • Water wings or inflatable devices are not permitted ( lifejackets and noodles are permitted)
  • Walk while on the pool deck
  • NO rough play, throwing others, piggyback rides and riding on shoulders
  • Diving is only permitted in the deep end of the lap pool, feet first entry is required in all other areas of the pool
  • All personal toys, fins and masks are allowed at the discretion of the lifeguards
  • Kickboards and fins are only available to ADULT lap swimmers
  • When using the Whirlpool please be aware of the following guidelines:
  • People suffering from heart- disease, diabetes high blood pressure or women who are pregnant should NOT use the whirlpool.
  • Lengthy exposure may be hazardous to your health and may result in nausea, dizziness, or fainting.
  • Please limit your time in the whirlpool.
  • Please refrain from submerging past your shoulders.
  • Adults may use the whirlpool anytime the lap pool is in operation  ADULTS AGES 18 AND OLDER ONLY! 

For questions concerning aquatics dial 507-287-2260 ext. 304